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You Are The Best

A burst of positivity that features a series of motivational messaging.


Geoffrey Alexander’s short experimental animation unfolds as a spirited journey of positivity, blending motivational messages with a dance-themed soundtrack that aims to uplift and inspire. Despite the film’s utilization of dated post-production techniques, including animation, graphics, text, and transitions, there’s an oddly nostalgic charm that permeates the viewing experience, contributing to the film’s unique appeal.

Throughout the animation, viewers are treated to a cascade of self-love, self-aspirational, and self-positivity quotes, creating a tapestry of uplifting sentiments. The film’s unwavering commitment to spreading positivity is commendable, and the relentless stream of affirmations provides a consistent thread of encouragement.

However, a notable drawback is the difficulty in discerning the narration due to the overpowering musical soundtrack. The clash between the audio elements diminishes the impact of the spoken words, potentially hindering the audience’s ability to fully absorb the intended motivational messages.

In essence, while the film may rely on outdated post-production techniques, its nostalgic quality, coupled with an unyielding commitment to positivity, makes it a commendable and uplifting experience for those seeking a dose of encouragement, despite the auditory challenges posed by the soundtrack.

You Are The Best Short Film


Runtime: 5 min
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