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The Corpse

A romantically twisted psychopath navigates the aftermath of a hit job.


Juliana Rodriguez’s short thriller, led by Bryce Landes as James and Chanel Young as Laura, explores the intriguing yet romanticized world of a psychopathic killer. The narrative centers around James, who, having executed a hit job on Laura’s husband, seeks to establish an unusual bond with her. Unbeknownst to James, Laura harbors her own hidden motives. The film’s premise, penned with promise, suggests a gripping psychological thriller on paper.

However, the production quality falls short of realizing the full potential of the narrative. Issues in sound design, post-production, and the integration of music detract from the overall viewing experience. Despite these shortcomings, The cinematography shines through with well-framed shots and effective use of aerial photography, providing the film with a cinematic opening.

Chanel Young’s performance steals the spotlight, bringing depth and charisma to her character, making her portrayal the highlight of the cast. While the film grapples with teething issues, it remains an entertaining ride. Rodriguez’s creation, though not flawless, manages to captivate the audience, offering a respectable short with a promising storyline that, with some refinements, could reach its full cinematic potential.

The Corpse


Runtime: 20 min
Genre: ,

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