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Sa-da-to Slick

Step back in time to the eccentric and vibrant summer of 1990 as SoSaLa delivers a wild and entertaining jazz-infused performance.


Christophe Charles’s short experimental film takes viewers on a mesmerizing musical journey with Sadato, popularly known as SoSaLa, during a live performance in Japan in the summer of 1990. The film unveils an eccentric yet highly talented presentation as Sadato, armed with his edgy style and saxophonist prowess, takes the stage at a local cafe. The wild vibrancy of his jazz-infused performance is vividly portrayed through the home-video style videography, offering almost raw footage that intimately showcases the artist’s energy and skill.

This 33-year-old piece of film serves as a captivating time capsule, encapsulating a unique era filled with freshness and excitement. Sadato’s on-stage charisma and unconventional antics add a layer of humor, outrageousness, and sheer entertainment to the viewing experience. The film not only captures the essence of Sadato’s artistic expression but also provides a glimpse into the cultural and musical landscape of the time.

Overall, this short film is a delightful and nostalgic exploration of an era, skillfully blending music, personality, and raw authenticity to create a compelling visual and auditory experience for audiences, both old and new. It’s a testament to the enduring appeal of Sadato’s performance and the cultural richness of that particular moment in musical history.

Sadato Short FIlm


Runtime: 31 min

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