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A startling comedy where innocence meets unexpected adult-themed hilarity.


Max Hofer‘s short comedy film, ‘Charlie’ takes a charming stroll through the idyllic neighborhood of Joe (Reid Baxter) and Enda (Beth Olsen), weaving a hilarious narrative that cleverly subverts expectations. The film’s premise, centered around Joe assisting his neighbor in finding her “Charlie,” sets the stage for a delightful comedic escapade that unfolds in the most unexpected and outrageous ways.

Beth Olsen’s performance steals the spotlight, infusing her character with eccentricity double entendres that adds layers of humor and surprise to the storyline. Her portrayal is nothing short of brilliant, keeping the audience in stitches as the narrative takes a turn towards the adult-themed and outrageous, leaving Joe, and viewers, in delightful shock.

The film’s setting in a lovely and pleasant suburbia serves as the perfect backdrop for the comedic chaos that ensues, and Taylor Yocum’s cinematic cinematography elevates the visual experience to a high-quality standard. The juxtaposition of the seemingly innocent premise with the adult-themed hilarity creates a unique and entertaining viewing experience that keeps the audience engaged from start to finish.

‘Charlie’ is a funny, kinky gem that delivers laughs in abundance, thanks to Max Hofer’s direction, Reid Baxter’s affable presence, and, most notably, Beth Olsen’s scene-stealing performance. This short film is a testament to the creative brilliance that arises when humor meets unexpected twists, making it a must-watch for those seeking a comedic adventure with a touch of the outrageous.

Charlie Short Comedy Film


Runtime: 5 min
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