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Gulliver’s Bad Day

A horror/mystery that delves into loyalty and betrayal.


Directed by Emmitt Rodgers and James Woolston, from a script by Rodgers, Woolton & Colin Connell, ‘Gulliver’s Bad Day’ is a mystery horror that explores fidelity and betrayal within a friendship group. The short stars Colin Connell as Gulliver, Victoria Avis as Molly, Angelina Pirolo as Amber and Emmitt Rodgers as Clay. Despite the films low-budget quality and frail acting delivery, the screenplay is well-built with captivating characterization throughout.

The 21-minute film opens with the friends congregating at Clay’s country residence. Hostility is rife within the group, which is provoked further when Clay’s deceased body is discovered on the bathroom floor. The narrative hastily shifts into a “whodonit?”, amidst the search for Clay’s wealth. The mystery is filled to the brim with unanswered circumstances, that may thwart viewer engagement.

The cheap production value is unfortunate. Cinematography and sound are of low-grade – resulting in an amateur finish. The location is intended to be a secluded vacation home – not the contemporary community center that is clearly displayed. Post-production is equally below-par. Despite having a strong narrative with interesting dialogue, the cast performance is cringeworthy – resembling an amateur dramatics stage performance. Regarding the abrupt conclusion, and in fairness to the filmmakers, a continuation/sequel is due – which will hopefully fill in the blanks. A bitter watch.



Runtime: 21 min
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