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The Scene

A riotous tale of mishaps and comical chaos.


‘The Scene’ is a delightful rollercoaster of hilarity, brought to life by the multi-talented Connor Morley, who not only wrote and directed the film but also stole the show with his impeccable performance as The Director. The narrative explores the pandemonium that unfolds on a film set, where Morley’s character finds himself at the edge of reason dealing with the repeated line mishaps of the comically inept actor, portrayed by Samson Zilic.

Zilic’s on-screen chemistry with Vlad Alexandrov, who plays the contrasting role, adds an extra layer of comedic brilliance to the film. The dynamic between The Director and his struggling actor is a comedic masterpiece, as Morley crafts a character who, despite his best efforts, cannot maintain his sanity in the face of repeated blunders.

The performances are commendable with each actor bringing their comical A-game to the table. Samson Zilic’s portrayal of the hapless actor is a sidesplitting showcase of silly comedy, while Vlad Alexandrov’s opposite character provides a perfect foil to the chaos.

Alicja Kowalski’s cinematography is a standout element, capturing the mayhem with precision and infusing the film with a visually appealing quality. ‘The Scene’ is a testament to Morley’s talent in blending humor, wit, and silliness into a short film that is not only entertaining but also a commendable exploration of the director-actor dynamic. The result is a genuinely funny, witty, and comical treat that leaves the audience in stitches from start to finish.

The Scene Comedy Short Film


Runtime: 6 min
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