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Reverse the Punishment

Explicit/Graphic Horror.


Written and Directed by Christopher J. Moriarity, ‘Reverse the Punishment’ is an explicit/graphic horror short film that explores disturbing scenes told in narrative reverse. The short opens to a suicidal young woman (Kai Amour) arming a rifle before turning the gun on herself.

The film doesn’t shy away from showcasing shocking visionary – notably splurging blood in the opening scene. The next scene jumps back in time, prior to her suicide, where we witness a mass shooting – of which she is responsible. The next phase in this story focuses on her baby and her preceding pregnancy – an extremely stomach-turning watch.

‘Reverse the Punishment’ is essentially a story of sexual abuse and the extreme effects this can have on a person’s mental state of mind. Christopher J. Moriarty (Writer/Director) bravely sets out to explore controversial themes that are truly upsetting to watch. Conventional story-tellers would typically convey a narrative through rose-tinted glasses – but not here – and that cinematic bravery has to be respected. It forces the viewers to confront the manic distress of this woman’s life through shock, gore and horror. This experimental film contains violent scenes of murder, suicide, rape and child brutality and murder – watch with caution.

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Runtime: 10 min

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