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A drama that paints a poignant canvas of grief, guilt, and forgiveness.


Under Skye Grace Bennett’s direction, the poignant short drama unfolds as a delicate and intimate exploration of an acclaimed artist, portrayed with depth by Jenna Ciralli, returning to her hometown, where the roots of her creativity lie, only to confront the lingering shadows of a strained relationship with her father (Nick Wilder). Co-written by Ciralli herself, the narrative weaves a tale of grief, guilt, and the transformative power of forgiveness, showcasing the nuanced complexities of familial bonds.

The film’s stellar writing, both subtle and poignant, lays the emotional groundwork, while Logan Triplett’s cinematic cinematography adds depth and beauty to the storytelling. The heartbreaking performances by the cast elevate the narrative, bringing to life the intricate layers of a father-daughter relationship that resonates on a universal level.

This tale is a beautiful yet sorrowful exploration of the human experience, emphasizing the importance of reconciliation and making amends before time slips away. Bennett crafts a visually captivating story that transcends the screen, leaving a lasting impression. With its mix of profound storytelling, powerful acting, and beautiful cinematography, this short film stands as a moving testament to the complexities of love, regret, and the possibility of healing.

Homestead Short Film


Runtime: 15 min

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