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Bliss and the Star of AlThArPo

An illustrative journey through the expanses of the psyche.


Geoffrey Alexander’s experimental short film embarks on a odyssey through the intricate realms of the human mind. An exploration of intellectual, emotional, and experiential facets that constitute the vast expanse of the human psyche.

The visual presentation unfolds with a single still images, featuring an illustrated star surrounded by relevant words that echo the diverse components of mind space. This minimalist approach, with a lack of traditional narrative, allows the audience to immerse themselves in contemplation, encouraging a personal reflection on the intricacies of the mental faculty.

Despite its brevity, the short serves as a thought-provoking showcase, offering a snapshot of the expansive landscape within our personalities. While unconventional, Alexander’s creation stimulates the imagination and invites reflection on the multifaceted nature of our cognitive existence, making it a visually intriguing and intellectually engaging experience.

Unforutantely, it falls short in terms of technical execution, leaving much to be desired. The limited animation, consisting of a mere rotation around a still image, feels stagnant and fails to engage the viewer dynamically. Viewers may find themselves yearning for more substance and technical finesse to elevate the film beyond a basic visual representation. In essence, the technical aspects of the film hinder its ability to convey depth and innovation.



Runtime: 2 min

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