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The Snow is Always Whiter

A courageous exploration of strength and resilience as woman attempts to break free from her abusive partner.


Dan Hertzog‘s short drama unfolds as a powerful exploration of an abusive relationship and a woman’s courageous journey to escape its clutches, with Bayarmaa Huselbaatar delivering a compelling performance as Khulan, a Mongolian immigrant who has risen in New York’s fashion industry. Co-starring Ben Hargrave as the abusive Kyle, the narrative skillfully delves into the dark realities of domestic violence, drug addiction, and a woman’s determination to break free.

The film masterfully captures the nuances of their once-loving relationship, contrasting it with the devastating effects of Kyle’s descent into violence and substance abuse. Khulan’s strength and resilience become the focal point, as she reflects on her plan to escape to her homeland, portraying a poignant tale of endurance.

Huselbaatar’s authentic portrayal resonates with emotional depth, bringing to life the heartbreaking yet courageous journey of many individuals trapped in toxic relationships. The cinematography and production values elevate the New York City setting, providing a breathtaking and highly cinematic backdrop to the unfolding drama.

In its brevity, Hertzog’s film manages to convey a powerful message of empowerment, offering a poignant narrative that encourages others facing similar situations to find the strength to leave abusive partners. An incredible short that combines outstanding acting, compelling storytelling, and impactful visuals to create a moving and socially relevant cinematic experience.

The Snow is Always Whiter Short Film


Runtime: 22 min


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