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A Night at the Piano Bar

A charming romantic comedy set in the 1920s.


Directed by Sasan Farsani, from a script by Vicky Dalli, ‘A Night at the Piano Bar’ is a romantic comedy film set in the by-gone era of the 1920s. Vicky Dalli leads the cast as Josephine – an aspiring singer, with James Karis as the pianist and subsequent love interest. The film parodies the infamous Jazz Age of society, culture and fashion in the early 20th century. The comedy is produced with black and white cinematography and in the French and English language (with English subtitles).

The micro-short opens inside an opulent piano bar. Our protagonist, a hopeful vocalist, Josephine, lies casually listening to the nearby pianist. She interrupts his performance in a desperate plea to bring attention to her unheard talent. In reluctance, he questions her ability. The tone of the narrative is jocular throughout with a sweet romantic conclusion. A stylish short that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Susan Farsani (Director) and Vicky Dalli (Writer/Star) have created a charming tale with outstanding attention to detailed. Production and costume design are meticulously presented throughout the entire film – highlighting the era magnificently. Dalli and Karis deliver fine performances with a light-hearted spirit. The only flaw with the film is the tiny runtime and abrupt narrative conclusion. Viewers may cry out for more. Sound and post-production are of industry quality. A pleasant film worth your precious two minutes.

A Night at the Piano Bar Short Film


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