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It’s At The Door

A chilling and atmospheric horror where fear thrives in the unknown.


In Adam Marley‘s short horror, suspense takes center stage as the narrative unfolds through the gripping performance of Hayley Scott, who portrays a young woman rushing home after a harrowing encounter with a mysterious and sinister force. Scott’s portrayal is nothing short of captivating, infusing the character with palpable fear and resilience that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

The cinematography, despite the constraints of a low-budget production, stands out with a highly cinematic quality. Well-framed shots, focused visuals, and effective lighting contribute to the film’s overall atmosphere, enhancing the sense of dread and tension. The limited dialogue proves to be a strategic choice, allowing the suspense to build organically without unnecessary exposition.

Clocking in at just five minutes, the film eschews a traditional payoff, yet the lack of resolution surprisingly works in its favor. The absence of closure adds to the lingering unease, making the experience all the more chilling. It’s a testament to Scott’s committed performance that the film succeeds in instilling fear – her portrayal of struggle and fear feels authentic, making the supernatural elements all the more terrifying. Marley’s short film is a concise yet powerful foray into horror that relies on atmosphere, suspense, and a standout performance to leave a lasting impression.

It's At the Door Short Horror Film


Runtime: 5 min
Genre: ,


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