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An eccentric family tale that explores unexpected attachments.


Dave Wade’s comedy drama, set against the harsh backdrop of drought-stricken rural South Australia, takes an uproarious turn when a decapitated head becomes the catalyst for havoc within a family. Tony Martin and Alyce Platt shine as the patriarch and matriarch, Barry and Valerie, supported by Reece Horner as son Keith and Bridget Walters as Grandma in this darkly humorous exploration.

The film’s strength lies in its well-crafted narrative, balancing comedy with a touch of the bizarre, and the characters’ interactions are a testament to the great chemistry among the cast. Tony Martin’s portrayal of Barry and Alyce Platt’s attachment to the decapitated head create moments of comical dark humor that are both unexpected and gripping.

Reece Horner and Bridget Walters contribute significantly to the film’s charm, adding depth to their roles with fantastic performances. The Australian comedy landscape gains a charmingly weird addition with this short film, as it successfully navigates the fine line between humor and darkness. Nick Matthews’s flawless cinematography enhances the overall experience, providing highly cinematic visuals that complement the quirky narrative.

In the end, Wade delivers a highly entertaining film that blends humor, eccentricity, and impeccable acting, making it a memorable and delightful addition to the world of Australian cinema.

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Runtime: 16 min
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