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A poignant character study of a man seeking solace for his haunting past.


Jaime Urquiza crafts a poignant character study in the form of a short western, ‘Traces’ starring Ramón Medina as Juan, a lonely man on a quest for redemption in the vast Mexican desert. Opening with haunting glimpses of Juan’s past sins, the film unfolds with emotive visuals, portraying his struggle with guilt and shame. The absence of dialogue enhances the power of self-reflection, allowing the audience to witness Juan’s internal journey.

The film’s widescreen cinematography, courtesy of Juancho Muriel, captures the sweeping landscapes of the desert, juxtaposed with intense close-ups that create a cinematic spectacle. Muriel’s lensing, coupled with impeccable lighting and sound design, elevates the film to a visually stunning experience. Medina delivers an outstanding performance, conveying the depth of Juan’s soul-searching with remarkable authenticity.

This film is a gripping exploration of remorse, solitude, and the quest for inner peace, skillfully executed by Urquiza and his talented team. This short western stands as a testament to the enduring allure of the genre, blending visual prowess with profound storytelling.

Traces Short Western Film


Runtime: 15 min
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