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A lockdown-born thriller that delivers spine-tingling suspense.


Adam Marley‘s short horror film plunges viewers into the eerie experience of a young man grappling with a haunting presence in his home. Jordan Reece delivers a respectable performance that anchors the film, navigating the escalating suspense and tension with remarkable skill. The narrative simplicity works to the film’s advantage, allowing the suspense to steadily build until it reaches a payoff that is nothing short of remarkable.

Despite its low-budget production constraints during the challenges of lockdown in 2020, the film excels in various technical aspects. The lighting, cinematography, sound, and editing all demonstrate a level of quality that surpasses expectations. Marley’s adept use of these elements adds a layer of sophistication to the production, elevating it beyond its budgetary limitations.

This is a short film that thrives on its creepiness, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats with minimal reliance on action until the gripping final moments – no spoilers here. It’s a thrilling and intense experience that, despite its brevity, manages to leave a lasting impression. Marley’s creation is a testament to the power of storytelling and atmosphere, proving that a well-crafted narrative and strong technical execution can make even a short, low-budget film a highly entertaining and memorable experience.

No Screens Short Horror Film


Runtime: 14 min
Genre: ,


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