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Poro Forever – The Little Town that Could

Explore the joy, success, and open-hearted culture of a thriving rural community.


Gary Winstead’s short documentary, exploring the people and culture of Poro Island, Philippines, is an inspiring journey into the heart of a small rural community thriving in happiness and fulfillment. The film captures the essence of the island’s success through its friendly and open culture, portraying the locals embracing life with joy.

At the center of the narrative is the advancement of a new library, a project undertaken by the director and his native wife, Jarasol, who donated literature and dedicated their time to its setup. This gesture becomes a symbol of the community’s shared spirit and collective happiness.

While the film, with its low-budget production, exhibits a somewhat home-video style in John Loon’s cinematography, it adds to the intimate and personal nature of the filmmaker’s exploration. Despite this, the documentary is well-structured, providing a comprehensive view of various aspects of the community, celebrating their successes and showcasing their positive outlook on life. The docu-short is an inspiration to watch, offering a heartfelt glimpse into the richness of a culture that finds fulfillment in simplicity.



Runtime: 20 min
Language: ,

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