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Lana Crypt 7: The Wild Hunter

An action-packed parody of the iconic ‘Tomb Raider’ protagonist.


Jasne’s action-packed short film serves as a spirited parody of the iconic ‘Tomb Raider’ character, featuring Wanda as the formidable Lana Crypt. In this thrilling narrative, Lana embarks on a relentless hunt and fierce combat in the woods against cloned enemies, showcasing steely determination and resilience.

Wanda’s strong performance adds depth to the character, while the well-choreographed action sequences contribute to the film’s overall intensity. Despite the constraints of a low-budget production, the cinematography is commendable, capturing the essence of the action with well-framed shots.

While the film successfully delivers as a decent thriller, it could benefit from additional elements such as color grading, more dialogue moments, and the inclusion of special effects to elevate its visual appeal. Nevertheless, the production maintains its quality, offering a reasonable viewing experience. Notably, the film exudes a powerful female energy, aligning with the spirit of the source material. Overall, Jasne’s creation stands as a well-made homage to the action-adventure genre, featuring a strong female protagonist in the vein of Lara Croft.

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Runtime: 15 min
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