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Hollywood Hair

A humorous yet touching journey about a man grappling with hair loss.


Andrew M. McGivern‘s comedic short film offers a satirical take on the challenges of male pattern baldness, with Tom Andrew leading the cast as Foley, a man whose life is upended by his hair loss. The film delves into the profound impact on Foley’s mental health, social life, and overall well-being, portraying the gamut of emotions from paranoia and fear to insecurity and shame.

As Foley tries various preventive and reversible techniques, including minoxidil and finasteride, to reclaim his lost hair and life, an identity crisis unfolds. Rav Val Denegro plays Harry, Foley’s well-intentioned friend attempting to rescue him from the abyss of his struggles. However, as Foley confronts his pain, he realizes that self-acceptance is the ultimate solution, leading to a poignant and relatable narrative.

The film is masterfully structured, seamlessly intertwining Foley’s journey with satirical hair reversal infomercials. McGivern’s storytelling combines humor, touching moments, and societal commentary on male aging and hair loss. Narrated by Andrew, the film is a well-crafted exploration of a universal experience, featuring professional cinematography, sound, and editing. ‘Hollywood Hair’ is a worthy watch that navigates the complexities of self-image and acceptance with both sincerity and comedic flair.

Hollywood Hair Short Film


Runtime: 29 min
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