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Artistic Journey – Mirori

A stunning snapshot of an artist’s creativity and innovation.


In Roma Black’s short documentary, the spotlight falls on the artistic endeavors of Margarita Mironova, known as Mirori, who finds inspiration in the picturesque landscapes of Northern Thailand where she both lives and creates. The film beautifully captures Mirori’s oil and textile paintings, seamlessly blending depictions of human beings with nature to convey a profound connection between the two.

Mirori’s artistic brilliance shines through her moving paintings, where the close relationship between humans and nature takes center stage. Particularly noteworthy are her bold and experimental techniques, including the use of threads, which breathe life into her imagery, showcasing her innovative approach to the craft.

As a tale of human artistry, the documentary excels in providing a brief yet insightful glimpse into Mirori’s creative process. Roma Black’s stellar cinematography adds a layer of professional quality, skillfully showcasing both the enchanting landscapes of Thailand and the intricate artwork within Mirori’s studio. The film stands as a well-crafted snapshot, offering viewers an engaging and visually stunning exploration of an artist and her unique expression.

Artistic Journey Mirori Short Documentary about Margarita Mironova


Runtime: 3 min

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