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I Will Remember What I Forgot

A visually striking and intimate exploration of mental health through dance.


In Heidi Duckler’s experimental dance film, the artistry of contemporary dance takes center stage as performed and choreographed by Raymond Ejiofor, unfolding a poignant exploration of mental anguish. The film encapsulates Ejiofor’s character’s journey as he confronts his mental illness, depicted through expressive dance movements that convey both darkness and a beautiful sense of hope.

With no other characters or dialogue, the film relies solely on the power of music and dance to narrate the protagonist’s struggle. Ejiofor’s performance is a tour de force, delivering an intimate portrayal of mental health challenges. The choreography serves as a visual language, illustrating the character’s internal turmoil and the first steps towards seeking medical treatment in a hospital.

Nicolas Savignano’s cinematography seamlessly captures the synergy between Ejiofor’s frantic movements and the emotional depth of the narrative. The film stands out for its creativity, ingenuity, and professional quality, providing an immersive experience into the world of mental health through the lens of contemporary dance. Duckler’s work succeeds in offering an intimate, expressive, and impactful exploration of a complex subject, making it a commendable addition to the realm of experimental films.

I Will Remember What I Forgot


Runtime: 9 min

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