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A surreal journey between life and death, where a woman grapples with enigmatic encounters.


Aurélien Charpy’s black and white short film transcends traditional storytelling, immersing viewers in a surreal and captivating narrative where a woman, portrayed by Anaïs Bénard, navigates the enigmatic space between life and death within a peculiar dystopian surrounding. The film opens with Bénard awakening in an eerie, desolate location, setting the stage for a series of surreal encounters.

A recurring game of chess materializes wherever the protagonist ventures, adding a layer of mystique to her journey. Yessaï Karapetian’s antagonist character, a confidence game-playing figure, introduces an element of control and manipulation, contributing to the film’s dystopian atmosphere.

With a chilling and experimental edginess, the film unfolds with an array of cinematography styles, ranging from static shots to distant perspectives, deviating from conventional cinema. The non-linear and challenging narrative invites interpretation, fostering engagement through viewer contemplation. Despite the absence of dialogue, Anaïs Bénard’s performance is commendable, conveying a range of emotions in this abstract exploration of existence.

Charpy’s creation stands as a testament to experimental storytelling, inviting audiences to traverse the surreal landscapes of life, death, and the intricate dynamics that unfold in the space between. The film’s unconventional approach offers a thought-provoking and visually intriguing experience that transcends traditional cinematic boundaries.

MAT Short Surrealist Film


Runtime: 9 min

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