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Magnetic Massacre

A chilling ride of suspense as two friends face a sinister force unleashed by an old VHS tape.


Gavin Lloyd’s short horror film takes a nostalgic dive with a 90s vibe as two friends, David and Aaron, unexpectedly get entangled in an alternative reality when they play an old VHS tape on a VCR. The film seamlessly channels the atmosphere of the horror and slasher movies from that bygone era, creating a distinctive and chilling narrative.

Despite its low-budget origins, the film excels in technical aspects, displaying well-mastered cinematography, sound, and editing. The 90s vibe is authentically captured, enhancing the overall immersive experience. As David and Aaron find themselves at the mercy of four masked antagonists in this paranormal tale, the sinister atmosphere takes center stage.

While the film could benefit from a stronger narrative structure and a more impactful conclusion, the technical execution remains commendable. The acting performances contribute to the film’s success, with the cast effectively embodying the tension and fear of their predicament.

In the realm of short horror films, Lloyd’s creation stands out as a decent and nostalgic piece, successfully evoking the essence of a by-gone horror genre while delivering a chilling and suspenseful experience.

Magnetic Massacre Short Film


Runtime: 12 min
Genre: ,

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