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A tale of salvation and hope in a whimsical world.


In Yu Sato’s 2D animation, the exploration of innate loneliness and depression takes center stage as the central character, Tetro, faces a remarkable turn of events that might just be his salvation. The two-minute film unfolds with Tetro’s dramatic fall to his demise while crossing the road, only to discover himself in a whimsical heaven-like realm. Here, he engages in a symbolic battle against his own demons at the bar of a coffee shop.

Sato skillfully employs animation to convey the depths of Tetro’s emotional struggle, capturing the essence of loneliness and the internal conflicts associated with depression. The absence of character dialogue enhances the visual storytelling, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in the evocative imagery and emotive soundtrack.

The film concludes with an endearing twist, offering a hopeful resolution to the overarching theme of depression. The animation is neatly crafted, accompanied by a soundtrack that complements the emotional journey. Sato’s work stands out as a testament to the power of visual storytelling in conveying complex emotions and delivering a message of hope amidst the challenges of mental health.

Tetrocters Short Animation


Runtime: 3 min
Genre: ,
Language: ,

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