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A horror/drama that explores the intersection of aging and loneliness.


Sam Tomlinson and Thomas Savoury’s short drama film, penned by James Morrissey, presents a poignant exploration of paranormal activity in the life of an aging man. Johnny Farrell leads the cast with a remarkable performance as the titular character, navigating the eerie aftermath of losing his wife and encountering unexplained phenomena in his new, lonely home. Co-starring Melanie Stevens and Matthew Batte, the narrative delves into the intricate interplay of aging, grief, and isolation, weaving a deeply moving tale with a narrative twist that is both compelling and emotionally resonant.

Farrell’s captivating portrayal anchors the film, capturing the complexities of his character’s emotional journey with authenticity. Tomlinson’s stellar cinematography elevates the cinematic quality, presenting a visual narrative of high artistic merit. The sound and editing contribute to the film’s immersive atmosphere, blending heartbreak and terror seamlessly.

Without delving into spoilers, ‘Billy’ succeeds in evoking a range of emotions, from heartbreaking to terrifying, making it a powerful exploration of the human experience. The film’s nuanced approach to themes of grief and supernatural encounters creates a memorable and haunting viewing experience that lingers in the mind.

Billy Short Film


Runtime: 37 min
Genre: ,


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