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Pondering Potatoes

Explore the comedic banter between two animated potatoes.


In Kessiah Arthur’s delightful stop-motion micro-short, the comedic charm unfolds in the form of a small talk between two potatoes, voiced by Justin “Styles” Pitkethly and John “Chop” Slater, exploring the whimsical question posed by the larger spud, “have you ever seen something you can’t explain?” The ensuing banter between the two potatoes is not only funny but also showcases a unique chemistry that adds a quirky and comical layer to the narrative.

Though the film offers a fleeting narrative, its brevity is part of its charm, making it a quick yet enjoyable comedic escape. The stop-motion animation is skillfully executed, bringing the potato characters to life with a whimsical and endearing quality. The high-quality production design and cinematography contribute to the overall polished look of the film.

Kessiah Arthur’s creation stands out as a funny and small gem, proving that humor can be found in the most unexpected places – even in the conversation between two animated potatoes. The film’s simplicity, combined with its well-executed animation and humorous dialogue, makes it a delightful and entertaining short that leaves a smile on the viewer’s face.

Pondering Potatoes Short Comedy Animation


Runtime: 1 min
Genre: ,

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