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The Sadder but Wiser Boy

A tale of self-discovery and the unexpected twists that redefine friendships.


In Daryl Della‘s compelling short comedy drama, co-written with Sasha Boggs, the toxic undercurrents of a life-long friendship take center stage, unraveling a narrative that goes beyond laughter into the realms of insecurity, co-dependency, and self-discovery. Lorenzo Ocon delivers a nuanced performance as Lando, a 30-something navigating the pressures to lose his virginity imposed by his critical friend Dallas, played by Daryl Della himself.

As Dallas arranges for Lando to spend the night with Misty, a prostitute portrayed by Sasha Boggs, the film takes an unexpected turn, delving into the complexities of friendship and the impact of toxic behavior. Boggs brings depth to her role, adding layers to the narrative that transcend the initial comedic premise.

Della’s drama crafts a moving and comical journey that seamlessly balances humor with a poignant exploration of loneliness, sexuality, and the consequences of toxic friendships. The high-quality cinematography by Daniel Cruz enhances the visual appeal, complementing the terrific acting performances.

Despite its comedic elements, the film transcends the genre, leaving the audience with a real message about the importance of self-worth and the detrimental effects of toxic relationships. Della’s work stands as a testament to the potential of comedy to deliver powerful and thought-provoking narratives.

The Sadder but Wiser Boy Short Film


Runtime: 29 min
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