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Lose Yourself

A spiritual adventure in the beauty of nature and introspection.


Ivan Dugonjic’s experimental short film is a mesmerizing visual journey that breathes life into the poetry of 13th-century Islamic scholar and poet Jalāl al-Dīn Muḥammad Rūmī, beautifully narrated by Anthony May. In this poetic exploration, the central character, portrayed by William Jan Remy Adielson-Guichet, embarks on an adventure through the stunning landscapes of Iceland, where nature becomes a metaphor for the vast emptiness and spiritual exploration articulated in Rūmī’s verses.

The film eschews character dialogue in favor of breathtaking visuals, capturing the ethereal beauty of the Icelandic scenery, from the dancing northern lights to cascading waterfalls and snow-covered landscapes. Anthony May’s narration, delivered with a calming and almost eerie tone, weaves seamlessly with the evocative visuals, immersing the audience in the deep spirituality and meditative essence of Rūmī’s poetry.

The absence of conventional dialogue allows the viewer to “lose themselves” in the immersive experience, transcending the boundaries of a traditional narrative and transforming the film into a poetic travelogue with a profound spiritual undercurrent. The fitting musical accompaniment enhances the overall sensory experience, making Dugonjic’s film a captivating fusion of visual and auditory artistry. The cinematography is commendable, capturing the essence of both the physical and metaphysical landscapes, creating a truly enchanting cinematic experience.

Lose Yourself Short Film


Runtime: 5 min

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