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The 5%

A drama that explores the intricate challenges of the hard-of-hearing community.


In Alexandra Hickox and Nathan Hughes-Berry’s short drama, a compelling exploration of the challenges faced by the hard-of-hearing community unfolds through three seperate tales. The film, featuring an ensemble cast, delves into the complexities of interpersonal relationships and employment for individuals with hearing impairments. Notably, it captures the pressure faced by a young deaf girl torn between her desire to date a hearing person and her parents’ expectations for her to be matched with someone from the deaf community.

While the premise is intriguing and the performances commendable, the film struggles with post-production techniques that hinder overall engagement. Unfortunately, the flow of the narrative feels disjointed, and the cinematography falls short of delivering a high-quality standard, detracting from the visual experience.

Despite these technical shortcomings, the film succeeds in shedding light on the hardships experienced by the deaf community, addressing societal pressures, workplace prejudices, and the struggle for effective communication. It stands as a commendable effort to bring awareness to the unique challenges faced by individuals with hearing impairments, emphasizing the importance of understanding and inclusivity in society.

The 5% Short Film


Runtime: 21 min

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