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Martin County

An experimental drama that dives into the adventures of an impassioned pool-swimmer.


In Ryan Hughes‘ experimental drama, viewers are immersed in the unconventional world of Marty, portrayed by Josh Hughes, a man with an unyielding passion for swimming in other people’s pools across the country. The film, written by Travis Hughes, weaves an eclectic tapestry of comedy, adventure, endearing moments, and heartbreak, exploring Marty’s quest for self-discovery and a renewed sense of purpose amid the judgment of his local community.

While the premise holds promise, the low-budget production, at times, blurs the line between documentary and drama. The film’s lack of cinematic elements, including cinematography and sound, may detract from its overall impact. A more structured narrative could enhance the storytelling and elevate the viewer’s engagement with Marty’s eccentric journey. Viewers might find themselves disengaging as the film struggles to maintain a captivating pace.

Josh Hughes’s commendable performance anchors the film, capturing the nuances of Marty’s character. Despite the unconventional nature of the narrative, the film serves as a reflection on societal judgment and the pursuit of personal fulfillment in unexpected ways. With potential for improvement in technical aspects, the film offers a unique glimpse into mid-life-crisis’ and offbeat adventures.

Martin Country Short Film


Runtime: 30 min


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