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The Beetle at the End of the Street

A man’s predicted death becomes a charming and humorous exploration of community generosity.


Joan Vives i Lozano’s dark comedy unfolds a witty and charming narrative centered around Amadeo, played by Alfred Picó, a grieving man caring for his late wife’s father. The story takes a quirky turn when the local fishmonger, Lolin, portrayed by Alexandra Lacaita, predicts Amadeo’s death in 7 days, setting the stage for a unique exploration of life, community, and human nature.

Picó delivers a heartfelt performance as the downhearted Amadeo, navigating the unexpected turn of events with both humor and pathos. Lacaita’s portrayal of the prophetic fishmonger adds an eccentric and humorous touch to the film.

The picturesque Valencian community, depicted through the lens of Artur Cruz’s spectacular cinematography, comes to life with generosity, charm, and humor as they rally together to support Amadeo in his final days. The ensemble cast, representing the local townspeople, contributes to the film’s lighthearted and darkly humorous atmosphere.

As the narrative unfolds, the film skillfully navigates the unexpected twist after Amadeo’s predicted time of death, revealing the true colors of the supportive community. The well-made production, coupled with quality filmmaking, captures the essence of Spanish dark comedy, offering a delightful and thought-provoking experience.

El Escarabajo al Final de la Calle


Runtime: 18 min
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