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The Lovers

An eccentric comedy that takes a fantastical and unpredictable turn.


Joan Vives i Lozano’s short comedy film unfolds a unique blend of fantasy, animation, and drama, immersing viewers in the tale of a grief-stricken woman, portrayed by Inma Sancho, who experiences a bizarre reunion with her long-presumed-dead husband, played by JM Casany. Set against the backdrop of Valencia, the local community’s ridicule and the lingering legend of his disappearance add layers to the narrative.

The film takes a captivating turn during a night at the coastal cave, the site of his mysterious vanishing, leading to a surprising accident that offers the woman an unexpected chance to reunite with her husband. However, what ensues is a fantastical and unpredictable journey that defies conventional expectations.

Andrea Mezquida’s spectacular cinematography captures the picturesque setting and enhances the film’s eccentric tone, while brief yet impactful animation by Bernat Fontanals adds an extra layer of creativity. The Spanish-language dialogue, accompanied by English subtitles, weaves adult themes of betrayal, loss, and grief into the narrative.

Inma Sancho’s acting prowess brings depth to the narrative, and the overall production design demonstrates highly skilled craftsmanship. Lozano succeeds in delivering a stellar short film that embraces an eccentric and unexpected cinematic experience, leaving audiences with a blend of laughter, fantasy, and contemplation on the complexities of human emotions.

The Lovers Short Film


Runtime: 22 min
Genre: ,
Language: ,

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