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An ordinary parking garage becomes a peculiar nightmare.


In Adante Watts’ short horror film, the audience is plunged into an anxiety-inducing nightmare as Triston Dye’s character finds himself ensnared within a mysterious parking garage. Watts crafts a freaky and suspenseful atmosphere, transforming the mundane setting into a realm of unexplained paranormal occurrences. Dye delivers a compelling performance, effectively conveying the escalating anxiety and confusion of his trapped character.

Keelan Bearden’s cinematography stands out as well-crafted and cinematic, with commendable post-production enhancing the eerie atmosphere. As the narrative takes a sinister turn with the introduction of a mysterious antagonist, the film ventures into even weirder and more perplexing territory, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

The concept of being unable to leave, coupled with the suggestion of an alternate dimension, adds layers of confusion and tension to the plot. Watts skillfully builds suspense and unease, making effective use of the confined space to intensify the horror. The film succeeds in creating a peculiar and disorienting experience, offering a fresh perspective on the horror genre with its inventive narrative and atmospheric cinematography.

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Runtime: 11 min
Genre: ,

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