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A survivor faces disbelief and indifference in a stark exploration of the unheard and unsupported victim.


Kimberley Ford’s short drama, co-written with Luc Parry, unfolds a haunting narrative that delves into the traumatic aftermath of a night out for Kate, portrayed with poignant depth by Shobi Rae McLean. As Kate awakens to discover bruises on her arms and haunting flashbacks hinting at a potential assault by her co-worker Phillip (Ray William Butler), the film skillfully navigates the profound emotional impact of abuse.

The storyline takes a gripping turn when Kate’s struggle intensifies at work, leading to a revealing outburst fueled by the built-up angst and terror she grapples with. However, the film’s power lies in the harsh reality Kate faces when seeking support from her colleagues – only to be met with skepticism and unsupportive attitudes.

Commendable cinematography by Daniel Norris contributes to the film’s impactful storytelling, offering well-framed shots that enhance the emotional resonance of each scene. Shobi Rae McLean’s portrayal stands out, providing a heart-wrenching and authentic depiction of an abused woman facing disbelief and indifference.

While the film is upsetting to watch, its importance lies in shedding light on the often-unbelievable plight of victims and the critical need for empathy and support. Kimberley Ford crafts a powerful and necessary film, illuminating the dark corners of abuse with a compelling exploration of the unheard and unsupported victim.

Grey Area Short Film


Runtime: 14 min

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