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The Soul of Botswana

A documentary that beckons viewers to experience the untamed wilderness of Botswana.


In Roland Steffen‘s captivating short documentary, the heart of Botswana’s Safari comes to life in a breathtaking journey that immerses viewers in the untamed beauty of the nation’s wildlife, nature, and soul. Steffen skillfully captures the essence of the Safari experience, providing a visually stunning exploration of the vast landscapes and the diverse wildlife that calls Botswana home.

Guided by the expertise of Danny Crous, Director/Photographer of Earth Ark Travel, and featuring the perspectives of local people, including the insightful Moagi Rain Robson, a guide and tracker at Letaka Safari, the film transcends mere travelogue to become a genuine ode to Botswana. The inclusion of these voices adds depth and authenticity to the documentary, offering a holistic perspective on the Safari experience.

Steffen’s meticulous cinematography, featuring close-up shots that reveal the intricacies of nature and expansive wide shots that capture the grandeur of the landscape, contributes to the film’s overall visual richness. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the documentary serves as an educational piece, inviting viewers to not only witness the adventure but also gain a deeper understanding of the ecological significance of Botswana’s Safari.

A beautifully made travel film, Steffen’s work stands as an invitation to experience the wonders of Botswana firsthand, enticing audiences to embark on their own safari adventures while fostering a greater appreciation for the conservation of this remarkable ecosystem.

The Soul of Botswana Short Documentary


Runtime: 31 min


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