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An experimental drama that delves into gender and race.


Directed by Drake Howard & Devin Finn, from a screenplay by Casey Wimpee, ‘Amphibians’ is a short experimental drama film that poetically dissects racial and gender identity. Set entirely in one single interior location, the film stars Devin Finn and Tricky Jones as Myster and Missus – two eccentric companions who chew over their identities with both intimacy and hostility. The convoluted narrative is enchanting, intriguing and entertaining – a stirring watch from start-to-finish.

The 12-minute film opens in a twin hotel room, where we are introduced to Myster and Missus. Myster (Devin Finn) wears a delicate leafy green dress (in stark contrast to his male characteristics) and Missus (Tricky Jones) wears a loosely fitted suit and tie – despite her own feminine attributions. The pair sit in discussion about terminology and definitions as well reflecting on their past affairs, religion and philosophy. The narrative takes a shift towards the end as the reality of their situation is put into question. The audience will certainly be rewarded with gripping viewing, beguiling characterization and likely to be left with an after-thought.

Howard, Finn and Wimpee have created an enthralling film that relies solely on character dialogue to convey the entire narrative – a knotty task done splendidly. Devin Finn and Tricky Jones deliver jaw-dropping performances that deserve high acclaim and appreciation – a fine creative combination. Visually, the lighting and cinematography is highly commendable – which plays an important role in maintaining viewer engagement. Sound and post-production are of industry standard. A riveting watch. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 12 min

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