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An experimental mystery that delves into addiction and isolation.


Written and directed by Fabian Hernando, ‘Inspiration’ is a short experimental mystery film that explores a young man’s struggle with video game dependency and his limited outdoor existence. Fabian Hernando also portrays the sole character. The micro-short is predominately filmed in black and white and consists of no character dialogue. ‘Inspiration’ delves into themes of anxiety, addiction, isolation and loneliness.

The 2-minute film opens with the young man undisturbed in his bedroom. Consumed in a first-person shooter game, the protagonist flex’s his frustration – sparked by the addictive stimulation and challenge. His bedroom is faintly lit, ascribed to the closed shutter blinds and the somber black and white imagery. After vacating the video game, the young man embraces the outside light (as the cinematography transitions into color) and he cautiously endures the majestic outdoors – which rewards viewers with astounding scenery.

Despite having a restricted or limited narrative, Hernando’s short is strengthen by its poetic imagery and gratifying soundtrack. Cinematography and special effects deserve high acclaim, as does Hernando’s alluring performance. ‘Inspiration’ could be better reinforced by further exploration of the character flaw and subsequent goal. The eye-opening conclusion equally warrants further continuation. An exquisite experimental short that shouldn’t be missed. Highly recommended.



Runtime: 2 min

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