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Guest 2

A haunting tale that explores the harrowing depths of mental illness.


In Finn Callan’s chilling sequel to his 2020 film ‘Guest,’ the short horror/drama unfolds as a heartbreaking and trepidating exploration of mental illness, offering a symbolic and haunting narrative that delves into the depths of despair. Jennifer English leads the cast with a compelling portrayal of Jill, who steps into a support group role while covering for her ailing brother.

The film, enriched by outstanding performances from Natasha Biggs, Jessica Munna, Simon Bigg and Anna Fraser, navigates the delicate theme of suicide with both poignancy and discomfort, highlighting the crucial need for support, open communication, and hope. Fraser’s portrayal of The Guest adds a chilling layer to the narrative, contributing to the film’s overall atmospheric intensity.

Fyodor Houtheusen’s outstanding cinematography, marked by thoughtful framing throughout, elevates the film’s visual impact. Despite its extended runtime, the narrative remains engaging, never feeling drawn out but instead allowing for a deeper exploration of the complex themes.

This British-made film stands as a deeply moving, cinematic, and highly important piece that courageously confronts the uncomfortable reality of mental health. Callan’s storytelling, coupled with exceptional performances and cinematography, delivers a compelling and resonant viewing experience that lingers, emphasizing the importance of compassion, conversation, and hope in the face of profound challenges.

The Guest 2 Short Film


Runtime: 40 min
Genre: ,

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