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Sicily Street

A comedy that ventures into the satirical realm of mafia culture.


In Daryl Hrdlicka’s comedic creation, two Italian-American women, portrayed by Leah Simmons and Lisa Kutter, take center stage in a parody that navigates mafia culture and gang crime while breaking the fourth wall in a TV show format. Despite its low-budget nature, the film attempts a light-hearted take on a dark subject, showcasing unashamed characters with a mix of ruthlessness and friendliness.

While Simmons and Kutter display reasonable chemistry, the film struggles to maintain engagement. The comical tone, initially promising, feels somewhat drawn out, and the humor fails to sustain its impact. The satirical elements, though present, don’t fully capitalize on the potential for comedic brilliance within the subject matter.

Jeff Lambert’s cinematography falls short of cinematic quality, and while the film has its funny moments, technical aspects like sound could be improved for a more immersive experience. The overall execution, while reflective of the low-budget constraints, leaves the viewer wanting more depth and consistency in the comedic narrative.

In essence, Hrdlicka’s short comedy delivers moments of amusement, yet its potential for a more resonant and sustained comedic impact is hindered by pacing issues and technical limitations.

Sicily Street Short Film


Runtime: 8 min

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