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Lucky Undies

A hilarious comedy about a baseball pitchers superstition.


Written and directed by Sam Silverstein, ‘Lucky Undies’ is a short comedy film that delves into a baseball pitcher’s erratic superstition. Steele Stebbins leads the cast as Nick, with Nigel Palmer portraying Will – Nick’s coherent best friend. Adam Herschman delivers an eccentric, albeit hilarious performance as Steve. ‘Lucky Undies’ is a witty farcical comedy and viewers should expect a tonne of belly laughs throughout.

The 10-minute short opens with Nick frantically searching for his lucky shamrock underwear – a superstitious ritual that he believes will secure his success on the pitch. After failing to forage at home, Nick resorts to his girlfriend’s home, driven by his waggish best friend (in a second-hand taxi). Despite hilarious trepidation at the doorstep, with his girlfriend’s outlandish father and the daunting plumber, Nick and Will are welcomed into the home where the quest continues. A side-splitting watch with captivating characterization.

Sam Silverstein has created an exhilaration short, thanks to the flawless narrative and exemplary casting. Adam Herschman’s portrayal as Steve is highly amusing from the get-go – catapulting the film into comical ingenuity. Visually, the film is professionally constructed with industry professional cinematography, coupled with high quality sound. Post-production is equally commendable. The entire cast and crew should be lauded for creating such riotous viewing. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 10 min

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