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Hero’s Journey

Witness Brenden Pienaar’s courageous spirit, skills and passion for exploration.


Dougal Paterson’s micro-documentary provides a captivating glimpse into the life and work of South Africa’s trail guide, Brenden Pienaar, situated in the expansive Kruger National Park. Pienaar’s expertise unfolds in a visual storytelling format, showcasing his remarkable skills in navigating the wild, interacting with elephants, and immersing himself in the diverse flora and fauna of the safari.

The documentary paints Pienaar as a brave and courageous explorer, driven by an unmistakable passion for adventure and a profound connection to the natural world. Paterson’s cinematography stands out, capturing the beauty and majesty of the Kruger National Park with striking visuals that transport the audience into the heart of the wilderness. The high-end post-production enhances the overall viewing experience, elevating the film’s visual appeal.

While the documentary is brief, it successfully offers a snapshot of Pienaar’s compelling work, leaving a lasting impression of his dedication to the art of guiding in the untamed landscapes of South Africa. Paterson skillfully encapsulates the essence of Pienaar’s adventures, making this micro-documentary a testament to the awe-inspiring beauty and the untamed spirit of the African wilderness.

Hero's Journey Short Documentary


Runtime: 1 min

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