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I Don’t Like Shitting in Public

An uproarious short that explores the comedic chaos of public restroom anxiety.


Written and directed by Ken Abalos, this short comedy film provides a hilarious exploration of a young office worker’s anxiety surrounding the use of public restrooms for the most private of activities. The film, starring the talented Nathan Jonathan, takes viewers on a journey through the often-unspoken fears and habits we all share when it comes to navigating the delicate dance of public restroom etiquette.

Jonathan’s performance is a comedic tour de force, delivering laughs with impeccable timing and a relatable awkwardness that resonates with audiences. The cinematography, skillfully handled by Louie Wood, captures the essence of the story with well-framed shots that enhance the humor and maintain a visually engaging narrative.

Abalos demonstrates his prowess in storytelling with a well-written script that cleverly weaves toilet habits and fears into a cohesive and entertaining narrative. The shocking twist ending adds an unexpected layer of humor that will both startle and delight viewers, showcasing Abalos’s ability to subvert expectations.

‘I Don’t Like Shitting in Public’ is a commendable British production that combines humor, relatability, and a surprising twist, making it a delightful and well-crafted cinematic experience.

I Don't Like Shitting in Public Short Film


Runtime: 4 min

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