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Factory Drop

A soulful journey that transcends oppression through the universal language of movement and defiance.


Petja Pulkrabek’s dystopian sci-fi short film catapults audiences into the year 2118, immersing them in a stark world devoid of basic human pleasures and dominated by a regimented regime in which Anne-Marie Warburton and Preslav Mantchev toil as diamond factory workers. In this desolate existence, the discovery of a music box becomes a catalyst for liberation, propelling the protagonists, with incredible performances, into a journey to rediscover the essence of life and break free from oppression.

The film’s brilliance lies in its non-verbal storytelling, with Monika Plura and Tobias Meik’s striking cinematography serving as a visual symphony that complements the narrative tone seamlessly. The absence of dialogue is compensated by the actors’ emotive expressions, creating a compelling and immersive experience. What elevates this cinematic gem is the incorporation of dance elements into the factory workers’ liberating experience, transforming their struggle into a choreographed rebellion against their restrictive environment.

The exceptional production design, lighting, and color grading enhance the dystopian atmosphere, while the sound design contributes significantly to the film’s impact. Pulkrabek’s creation is not merely a short film; it’s a dance-infused exploration of a richly textured world, hinting at the potential for a feature-length masterpiece. With its incredible acting, masterful cinematography, and meticulous attention to design and sound, this sci-fi gem invites contemplation on the fragility of humanity and the enduring power of art to fuel the spirit of rebellion and hope in the face of oppressive regimes.

Factory Drop Short Sci fi Film


Runtime: 15 min

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