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Whispers Among Wolves

A dramedy that serves up a delectable blend of brazen wit and unexpected endearment.


In Kevin Lim’s delightful Australian short comedy drama, Sarah Aubrey shines as the self-assured and sassy CEO, Shilo, alongside Matthew Backer’s portrayal of the loyal and hardworking assistant, Teddy. The entire narrative unfolds within the confines of a high-end restaurant, where business discussions between the two protagonists take unexpected turns into the realm of personal matters.

Aubrey and Backer’s on-screen chemistry is palpable, infusing the film with a delightful blend of wit, humor, and surprising endearment as the characters exchange banter. Lim adeptly navigates the fine line between comedy and drama, offering a beautiful tale that transcends the confines of a professional relationship.

The film benefits greatly from Aaron McLisky’s highly cinematic and well-framed cinematography, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of each scene within the restaurant setting. The witty and comical back-and-forth between Shilo and Teddy exposes their perceptions of each other, adding layers of complexity to their dynamic and making for a thoroughly engaging viewing experience.

‘Whispers Among Wolves’ is a testament to the prowess of Australian cinema, with outstanding performances from Aubrey and Backer, a well-crafted script, and Lim’s skillful direction that collectively deliver a charming and memorable short film.

Whispers Among Wolves


Runtime: 17 min
Genre: ,

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