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House 1031

A horror that explores the disturbing mind of a local serial killer.


J. Nabors’s short horror film, a chilling exploration into the psychologically disturbing world of a local serial killer, stars Lavon Collins as the menacing antagonist, with an intense opening capturing the capture and harrowing torture of the latest victim portrayed by Jessica Torres. As police officers, portrayed by Nadia Ramdass and Mark Douglas, close in on the killer amidst multiple missing women cases, the film unveils the gruesome details of his actions. The cinematography is flawlessly executed, effectively enhancing the film’s visual impact.

However, the narrative suffers from minimal dialogue and an inappropriate pop soundtrack, which undermines the viewer’s suspense and detracts from the overall horror experience. While the acting remains credible and the editing is neat, the choice of music throughout the film proves to be a questionable artistic decision, eliminating the intended sense of trepidation.

Unfortunately, the experimental approach does not pay off, leaving the viewer somewhat disconnected from the intended horror. Despite the film’s visual prowess, the narrative’s flaws, particularly in the audio department, ultimately diminish its overall impact, making it a regrettable and unfortunate venture.

House 1031


Runtime: 15 min

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