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An album showcase of Jazz Proclamation, Vol. 3 by Cécile Nordegg|No-Ce & Band.


Directed by Cécile Nordegg & Patryk Senewicki, ‘Bellaria’ is musical showcase of Cécile Nordegg | No-Ce & Band’s 2021 album Jazz Proclamation, Vol. 3. Set entirely at the Café Bellaria in Vienna, Austria, the film rewards viewers with extensive musical performances that are laced together in a lyrical narrative. With a contemporary jazz arrangement, the production brings together a variety of international creative talent; musicians, composers and filmmakers. An enthralling watch from the get-go.

The 55-minute video opens with the instrumental and cinematography set up by the musicians and film crew. An angelic white piano takes center stage –in drastic contrast to the rough and unkept interior within the Bellaria Café. The audience is swiftly introduced to Cécile Nordegg and her band, as the soundtrack transitions into a “live-like” performance. The film doesn’t shy away from showcasing the behind-the-scenes technicality – which only highlights the collaborative value. With a respectable track-listing, the musicianship will astonish, entertain and inspire.

Cécile Nordegg and her creative team have created an alluring film that deserves high praise and recognition. The vocal tones and lyricality from Nordegg is simply splendid to the ear – sung in the romantic French language. Visually, the film is neatly constructed with action-packed cinematography to capture the musical performances. Jazz Proclamation, Vol. 3 is available to stream/download from many reputable online retailers. Highly recommended viewing.

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Runtime: 56 min

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