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A sci-fi drama that explores the toil of immigration within a futuristic society.


Written and directed by Giorgio Miraflor, ‘uTransfer’ is a short science fiction drama that delves into one man’s psychological trauma. Miraflor leads the cast as Dean, a young US-based immigrant who sets out to relocate his consciousness to a “promised land”. Set in the distant future, the film explores themes of betrayal, grief and retribution. The short co-stars Salmo Miraflor, Bella Mangiafico and AJ Hernandez. A fascinating watch that rewards viewers with hypothetical technology and the unravelling of a flawed protagonist.

The 9-minute film opens with Dean carrying out his morning routine. Upon activating his uTransfer device, which promises a “gateway into a new world”, we learn of his troubled past, mental fragility and criminality. With admittance restrictions in place, in order to maintain serenity in the new world, Dean undergoes psychical and phycological analysis, which divulges his disturbing real intentions. The film aptly pokes at contemporary immigration policy and the struggles of metamorphosis.

Giorgio Miraflor delivers a captivating performance throughout that will keep viewers engaged and enthralled, particularly with the use of compelling, albeit futuristic technology. The narrative is neatly constructed, which allows viewers to grasp the characters imperfections with astonishment. Visually, the film is well crafted with high-quality cinematography, sound and post-production. Special effects are equally commendable. An enchanting watch from start-to-finish. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 10 min
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