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Where the Dog is Buried

The demise of a neighbor’s dog becomes a dual comedic and poignant metaphor for a fractured marriage.


Santiago Bukovsky’s comedic drama navigates the complexities of a strained marriage, with Jordan Fry and Elizabeth McLaughlin delivering stellar performances as Kaleb and Megan. The narrative takes an unexpected turn when Kaleb accidentally runs over their neighbor’s dog, portrayed with antagonistic charm by Brent Glover, serving as a poignant metaphor for the couple’s fractured future.

The film’s comedic undertones are interwoven with a profound sadness, as Megan questions their marriage and expresses her reluctance to have children, a desire starkly contrasting Kaleb’s. Mandy Logsdon’s quirky portrayal of the eccentric neighbor Heather adds a delightful touch of comical charm to the storyline, providing a well-rounded viewing experience.

Cinematographer Sean Mouton’s work is visually pleasing, capturing the nuances of suburban life with a keen eye for framing. The film’s concise yet impactful exploration of relationship dynamics and the unexpected twists life throws at us makes it a compelling watch. With humor grounded in reality and outstanding performances, Bukovsky crafts a solid short film that resonates with authenticity, navigating the delicate balance between laughter and the poignant realities of love and loss in suburbia.

Where the Dog is Buried Short Film


Runtime: 15 min
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