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Healing Queen: Protect it

Love’s complexities unfold through a poetic and poignant journey of loss and renewal.


Pauline Raybaud’s short super 8mm film, as part of her poetry series ‘Euridice towards the light,’ emerges as a delicate and poignant exploration of love, loss, and renewal. Centered around Raybaud’s own poem, the narrative unfolds through the emotional journey of Eleejah Noah, portraying a heartbroken young woman grappling with the shock and devastation of her lover’s revelation about another romantic interest.

Raybaud’s narration, intertwined with the visuals, creates a seamless fusion of words and imagery, offering a touching and relatable portrayal of healing and empowerment. The use of super 8mm film introduces an edgy cinematic flair, providing an artistic treat that elevates the film’s visual impact and captivates the audience.

Eleejah Noah’s performance effectively conveys the nuances of heartbreak and resilience, allowing viewers to empathize with the character’s emotional journey. The film beautifully captures the essence of love’s complexities and the indomitable spirit of a woman finding strength in the face of heartbreak.

With thoughtful cinematography and production design complementing Raybaud’s poetic narrative, this short film becomes a visually appealing and emotionally resonant exploration of the human experience, ultimately celebrating the enduring capacity for healing and renewal.

Healing Queen Short Film


Runtime: 4 min

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