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Otago Model Engineering Society

The intricate workings of model trains meet the endearing camaraderie of retired enthusiasts.


Ryan Inglis and Grant Findlay’s short documentary offers an exploration into the Otago Model Engineering Society, a community predominantly comprising retired men in Dunedin on the South Island of New Zealand. Seamlessly blending insight and charm, the film delves into the minutiae of model trains, showcasing their intricate workings while emphasizing the profound value the sense of community brings to its members.

The documentary unveils a nuanced narrative, shedding light on the challenges faced by some members in adapting to modern technology, creating moments of unintentional comedy, particularly during a meeting. This unexpected humor adds a delightful layer to the film, infusing it with a unique and endearing charm.

Grant Findlay’s cinematography shines, capturing the details of the model trains and the camaraderie among society members. The editing and sound contribute to the overall commendable craftsmanship, elevating the documentary beyond a simple exploration of a niche hobby into a captivating and insightful experience. In its unintentional comedic moments, the film takes on a mocumentary-like quality, adding an extra layer of entertainment to this affectionate portrayal of a community bound by a shared passion.

Otago Model Engineering Society


Runtime: 9 min

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