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City By Water

A personal journey through the heart of New Orleans.


Brian Libby’s short film documenting his journey to New Orleans, Louisiana, emerges as a vlog that seamlessly blends video and still images to encapsulate the essence of this iconic city. From the captivating aerial views during the plane’s descent to the architectural marvels and the mighty Mississippi River, Libby crafts a narrative without the need for dialogue or on-screen talent, allowing the viewer to immerse themselves in a personal and reflective exploration.

The film’s understated yet evocative nature serves as a quiet contemplation of Libby’s trip, underscored by the personal nuances arising from health adversities in his own life and his partner’s. Rishin Singh’s composed music, performed by Martin Sturm, enriches the viewing experience, creating a relaxing ambiance that complements the visual journey.

While not adhering to traditional cinematic norms, Libby’s work transcends mere amateur documentation, embracing a personal touch that resonates deeply. The film offers a heartfelt glimpse into the filmmaker’s intimate connection with New Orleans, making it a poignant and personal piece.

City by Water Short Film


Runtime: 7 min

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